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About Hasan

China Hasan International Holdings Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Hasan International) is an enterprises group incorporated at Hong Kong, with a registered capital of 2 billion HKD.

Hasan International is a multinational corporation which is engaged in transnational investment and global management. Being Headquartered in Beijing, Hasan International has established dozens of branches and subsidiaries in Guangdong, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces of mainland China as well as in Angola and Ghana.    

Its business scale covers real estate development at domestic and international level, investment in industrial parks and mineral resources, overseas projects contracting, international logistics, multi-national trading, financial investment, hotel management and new-resource development.

Being a forerunner and practitioner among the non-governmental private enterprises in China who adhering to the national development strategy of “Going Global” and expanding their businesses overseas, Hasan International has been successfully operating its business in Africa for nearly 6 years since it set foot on it in early 2006. Guided by the notion of "taking root in Africa to serve Africa", Hasan International is committed to bridging between China and Africa, hence achieving its rapid development and growth in the African countries. 

While based in Angola and Ghana, Hasan International has been actively expanding and developing its business to more and more African countries. In Angola, Hasan International has successfully constructed and operated some of the most renowned national projects, including the municipal housing projects in CAMAMA and NOVA VIDA as well as the VILA AZUL, SAMBIZANGA and CUNENE projects. In addition, Hasan International invested and constructed the Rose Garden housing project, which is located in the capital city of Luanda and covers a total area of 140 hectares and a planned construction area of 800,000 square meters, with an overall investment of 1.5 billion USD. In Ghana, by virtue of its comprehensive strength, Hasan International has been appointed by the Ghana government as the sole developer of the well-known Secondi Bonded Industrial Park, holding the responsibilities of planning and designing, construction and maintenance, investment promotion operation administration, etc. The Phase one of the Secondi Bonded Industrial Park covers a planned area of 10 square kilometers, with an initial investment of about one billion USD on infrastructure constructions.  

Being a successful private enterprise that accumulates in a wide range of project and social resources in the progress of international business expansion and development, Hasan International has been one of the most active explorers in the implementation of the national development strategy of "Going Global".