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Zheng Gang (President of Hasan International) Was Elected as Vice-Chairman of China-Africa Business Council

Data:2013-12-30  Author:admin
       Chairman Forum of China-Africa Business Council 2013 was held in Beijing on December 27, Wang Xiaoyong (Secretary General) gave an annual work presentation on behalf of the China-Africa Business Council at the meeting and read out the reply to Agreement on Electing Zheng Gang (President of Hasan International) as Vice-Chairman of China-Africa Business Council issued by “All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce”.  In the warm applause, Zheng Gang was unanimously elected as Vice-Chairman of China-Africa Business Council.

        Chairman Forum of China-Africa Business Council is held annually to summarize the work in the last year and plan the work in the next year. 

        On this Chairman Forum, Zheng Yuewen (Chairman of China-Africa Business Council) focused on developing new memberships in the next year, improving membership service quality, and implementing the service of the Council to issues such as “Visa Service”, “Safety Precautions" and “Consultation on Business Environment and Policies in Africa" concerned by the members. 

        Chi Jianxin (Vice-Chairman of China-Africa Business Council and President of China-African Development Fund) spoke highly of the work done by the Council in 2013, and proposed specific suggestions on development direction of the Council in the future as follows: 1) ensuring a great market for providing all-round security service to China-invested enterprises;  2) making use of the platform effect and influence of the Council to take on more work in propaganda and media orientation;  3) giving full play to people-to-people diplomacy;  4) doing more researches on the economic environment and industry in Africa;  5) closely cooperating with more international organizations (i.e. United Nations Development Programme) so as to provide better service for the members and other China-invested enterprises; and  6) classifying the membership development and the membership service according to the industry so as to provide more specific service. 

        Lin Yifu, a famous economist, presented keynote speech at the meeting, gave his own opinions on the China and Africa cooperation and development, and proposed prospective and feasible suggestions on "going out" of Chinese enterprises according to research results and case studies over the years. 

                  Photo on Chairman Forum of China-Africa Business Council in 2013