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Celebration on Spring Festival 2014 Held by Employees of Hasan International H&S in Angola

Data:2014-02-25  Author:admin
        On the special occasion, the staff of H&S Headquarters held a warm, cheerful and lively party at the Headquarters in Angola on January 20, 2014 to celebrate the spring festival 2014. Each department of the Headquarters presented cheerful and lively programs and expressed warm blessings, bringing employees in Angola a special spring festival in a foreign country.

        At the party, Deng Xianchang (Deputy Manager of H&S) presented festival consolation sentences, Zheng Wenwu (General Manager) reviewed the achievements in 2013 on behalf of the Company and declared the development plan in 2014. 

        Zheng Wenwu pointed out that 2013 was a marvelous year in the development history of the Company, during which H&S faced with many difficulties. However, the Company went through these difficulties and obtained outstanding achievements with staff's great understanding and trust. The employees are really marvelous, manifesting a fine tradition of endurance, exertion and progressiveness.  The Company really achieved “engaging in a project, creating high quality, making new friend”, and practiced a business concept of “rooting in Africa, serving Africa". 

        Zheng Wenwu also pointed out that 2014 is an important period for development, reform and innovation of the Company. He hoped that everyone notice deficiencies in aspects such as management level, cost control and production safety, find the gap, perfect measures and cherish opportunities to create another glory for individual as well as for the Company! 

        Each department also presented wonderful programs at the party The festive song “Happy Chinese New Year” performed by the Administrative Department initiated the programs and brought an atmosphere of new year immediately.  Jinqian Clapper Talk – “Developing Hasan” created by the Materials Department not only presented a hometown atmosphere for the employees, but also let them feel seven years’ great-leap-forward development of Hasan in Angola in a relaxed atmosphere.  The Translation Department performed Free Talk – “Our Hasan” to summarize the hard work done by each department in the last year.  The large-scale Song, Dance & Poetry – “Homeland Will Never Forget” performed by the staff of the Logistics Department was marvelous and consummate, pushing the whole party to a climax.

        This activity was constantly climactic and colorful with a strong new year atmosphere, greatly enriching the amateur cultural life of the employees in Angola and letting them enjoy a special new year in the foreign country.  Simultaneously, a number of outstanding employees having innovation ability, loving life and loving literature & art sprung up in this activity. They expressed their love to Hasan and showed spirit and quality of Hasan employees overseas through different performances from different creation points.