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The Delegation Led by Shao Xin from Goldman Sachs Visited to Hasan Group

Data:2014-03-29  Author:admin
In the afternoon on March 27, Shao Xin, the Executive Director of Asset Management Department of Gao Hua Securities from Goldman Sachs and You Chengdong from Zhongtianjiaxin Investment Management Corporation visited the H&S headquarters in Beijing with warm reception by Zheng Gang (President), Li Hua (Vice President), Long Lin (Director of Chairman Office) and Zou Zhiqiang (Deputy Director for Investment and Development).  President Zheng Gang introduced them the development history of H&S in Africa and said that as a pioneer of private enterprises into Africa, H&S is always searching for the path for sustainable development of Chinese enterprises in Africa. With establishment and optimum operation of Angola-Chi Shopping, H&S extends this investment model to other countries in Africa to create a duplicable development pattern for key urban complex of different countries in Africa. H&S has always been devoted to exploration, analysis and mastering of opportunities in Africa and on this basis looks for more domestic and international partners for common development in existing fields such as project, real estate, electric power, energy, household appliance and home furnishing.

Afterwards, Shao Xin introduced the investment pattern and direction of Goldman Sachs and its partners. He said that Goldman Sachs and its long-term partner, International Finance Corporation (IFC) subordinated to the World Bank Group have clear investment direction in emerging countries with main investment in private enterprises. Africa is also one of their investment goals. In addition, Goldman Sachs and IFC have particular interest in the Commercial Logistics Park of H&S and they are willing to support private enterprises to develop in Africa. Both parties had substantial discussion at the meeting with expectations for future cooperation.