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The 11th Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference of Standing Committee Was Held in Chengdu with Attendance by Zheng Gang, President of Hasan Group

Data:2014-04-05  Author:admin
On April 1, 2014, the 11th Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference of Standing Committee jointly organized by H&S and MinYoun Group was held in Haoya Hotel of MinYoun Group in Chengdu with attendance by standing directors such as Ji Peiding (President}, Zheng Gang (Vice President), Li Jianhua (Vice President), Zhou Chen (Vice President) and Zhang Jianming (President of MinYoun Group).

On March 31, all the participants came to Chengdu with staying in Haoya Hotel of MinYoun Group. The organizer of this meeting, H&S and MinYoun Group held a short but grand welcome ceremony for the participants on the dinner party that night. Zheng Gang, President of H&S made a welcoming speech on behalf of the meeting organizer. He said: “This is the most favorable opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop in Africa with more solid foundation for China-Africa cooperation, more powerful willingness for cooperation and more complete cooperation mechanism. Looking back, H&S discovered its suitable development path with successful implementations of the strategy “To be a resource integrator” driven by the concept of “Rooting in Africa, Serving Africa”. And now I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Minister Ji Peiding and the great support and help offered by various leaders from former diplomatist sodality of China, especially the Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference, which offered a high-end dialogue platform for Chinese enterprises to develop in Africa and opened a new window for cooperation and communication for China-Africa enterprises.”

Chaired by Jiang Zhengyun, General Secretary, the 11th Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference of Standing Committee was held officially on April 1 with report on conditions concerning visit to Africa by President Ji Peiding.

President Ji Peiding made a substantial speech at the meeting and called on members of the standing committee to learn the Decision on Comprehensively Deepening Reform made by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee earnestly. In addition, he concluded the achievements of the 4th Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference carefully with profound analysis on issues such as sustainable development of Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference.

Discussions were carried out centered on the substantial speech made by President Ji Peiding and issues such as work of standing committee. Zheng Gang, Vice President and President of H&S made a speech firstly. He expressed that the Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conferences have been held for four sessions, with better effect and popularity. Confronted with numerous difficulties, mutual assistance is increasingly required by Chinese enterprises. The Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference offered a good platform that Chinese enterprises should seize this platform to have equal conversations with African countries and carry out overall cooperation with domestic enterprises.

Finally, it was decided at the meeting that the 12th Sino-African Cooperation Round-Table Conference of Standing Committee be held in Jiujiang, Jiangxi on June, 2014.