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AngoChi International Logistics and Commercial Park

After many years practice in Africa Hasan International proposed a logistics solution between China and Africa with features of information exchange, deal facilitation, and localized operation. “Ango-Chi International Logistics and Trading Park” is a commercial and logistics platform built under this concept.

Located in Luanda, “Ango-Chi International Logistics and Trading Park” is 15 kilometers away from international airport and 20 kilometers from the port. The total land size is 2.6 square kilometers with estimated investment of USD 1.5 billion. This project started in October 2011, and it will be completed in 5 years.  Currently, more than 40,000 square meters shopping area has been in operation with products of hardware, building materials, electrical equipments, textile, and furniture, etc., all of which are urgently needed in Africa.

“Ango-Chi International Logistics and Trading Park” is highly recognized by the market with 100% occupancy rate, and Hasan International is planning to develop similar trading parks in other African countries to provide one-stop service platforms for local business clients.